Hi. My name is Shawn Madden. I’m a songwriter, performer, event producer and alchemist of musical transformation. I’m also known as Troubadour Shawn.


This website, SproutSongs.com, is where you can choose your own adventure into the joy of creating music for growth in your personal life and your business, and for honoring the people and occasions who are important to you.

Each offering is designed as a deep-dive into the most essential themes and messages that you want to convey to yourself as an evolving human being, to your market as a business owner, or to those you love on occasions when you wish to celebrate who they are for you.

There are three basic types of song adventures offered here:

GrowthSongs are songs created to stimulate and inspire personal growth, to bring a desire to life with musical energy that fuels the fulfillment of the vision of an individual, group, community, or business.

StickySongs are songs for business, designed to create strong brand identity and spread your marketing and teaching messages far and wide by being so sticky that your prospects and customers can’t stop singing them.

And, finally, OccasionSongs are songs created for the purpose of honoring a special person, group, or occasion, like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and commemorative celebratory gatherings.

Each song creation offer has been crafted as an adventure into the intimate experience of creating music that means something special to you – that releases energy into your life, business, and relationships each time you listen.

There are no limits to where we can go – any style of music, any sort of story you want to tell, and any desire you wish to make manifest in the world can be brought to life through our adventure together.

So choose a path and let’s create!